Do you know who’s more devoted than the partner who just broke your heart? Matchmaking sites. The number of people that have had to kick away their love for their career is on the high. We’ve seen a gradual increase in the number of heartbreaks in recent times and career-related issues have led to that. Some migrate, some find newer jobs in other cities and this leads to the break-up of relationships. And finding the perfect partner for you is becoming harder day by day.

Professional matchmaker sites are available now to find the perfect partner for you. There is nothing good about a matchmaker site unless they are fully conscious of whom they are dealing with and the professional matchmaker sites are completely a next scale service that you cannot find in usual dating sites.

What I see is that dating sites are more into the hookup culture without much of a long term plan. And that is why I’ve done research and come up with the 7 Best Matchmaking Sites in 2019 available at the moment to find you the perfect partner for a life long journey.


Wink with confidence to find your way to a trustworthy partner for your life. has been a pioneer in the field of dating since the 90s and has been one of the companies that have the best selection out of any other site. You can find a partner from friendship to dating to a successful marriage and with an audience of over 10 million every month, you are sure to find the perfect match for you at

It is a very trustworthy platform to find your soulmate and their policy is that they will find you a partner within 6 months and if they do not, the next 6 months will be free of charge for you. So why wait? has the perfect opportunities for you.

Male:49%                                                        Female: 51%


eHarmony accounts for 4% of successful marriages in the USA. It’s a wonderful site for anyone who wants a very serious relationship with commitments like that on the books of law. eHarmony is capable of comparing the dimensions of a person when making a match and considers the laws of physics on their relationships. They’ve patented this facility which includes about 150 questions of a person when considering who they want in their lives.

The best part about eHarmony is not just that they can find you the perfect match for a healthy life-long relationship; they also give you an additional three months user membership free if you’re not happy with your first three months of using the site.

Male: 48 %                                                      Female: 52%


Do you want a reliable partner with the confidence that your life will never go down in flames? Well, has it all for you. It is one of the safest online matchmaking sites in the world with efficient and fun interphase for users to find their partners. The site also has 200 questions for its users to answer which makes it difficult for any spammers or fake users to get into the site.

Education is a good qualification to turn the tables of life around and what else could you ask for when you find someone with a good Bachelor’s degree, Masters or even a Doctorate? All in all, someone educated could be all you need to have a good streamlined life. With an average user visit of over 2 million a month, is your go-to site to find an educated partner to your life.

Male: 44%                                                       Female: 56%


Lunch?  Why not! Find your time during your break at work to snap out for a couple of hours. It gives you enough time to digest who you’re about to meet throughout the day or it could keep you dreaming the whole day about your other half. Groove into a wonderful conversation to make it the best date of your life.  is one of the best matchmaking sites available with its remarkable privacy and no, you’d never have to feel uneasy when you tell someone that you met him/her online.

The great team at understands the chemistry you need to find yourself the perfect partner and that just makes them special. If you want to find a meaningful relationship, this is the right place for you to be in.

Male:49%                                                        Female:51%

Do you know why most relationships fail?

Many relationships fail because of a lack of communication. Most people tend to not be able to communicate with their partners and so they are left out not knowing what to do or where to start. Many couples are also afraid of doing the right thing for their relationship. Some do not want to do what it takes to keep a strong and healthy relationship on the flow. These are just a few main reasons as to why most relationships fail.

In the recent past, most relationships fail because some couples do not make an attempt to make up with their partners. Some feel like they should not do it right away while some others tend to give the other person space. This could lead to many issues such as being lonely and depressed. The best way in the best books of relationships is to make up with the other person as soon as possible. They are your partners. They are the reason you felt loved. You had a spark in you. So do you want to forget why you started liking them? Go back in time. Go back to the times you first met them. Remember the lengthy conversations you had at first and why you fell in love with them. And that would be just enough to make you want them again. Don’t just sit and stare at the ceiling waiting for a miracle to happen. Don’t give up on your partners, ever.

But in case you do, here are a few more sites that we recommend for you to move on with your life and find someone who will wash away all your troubles and give your life a new beginning.


If you’re still scared to try online dating, this is the best platform for you to get started. This is what client satisfaction at its best is like. is a matchmaking site that guarantees you that your information will be kept private and confidential. With an experience of over 20 years in the field of matchmaking, you will never have to type “how to find the perfect match for me” or go to bed dreaming about your life with your imaginary spouse.

Everyone needs a confidence booster and gives it for you. Everything great starts with something small. Matchmakers don’t always provide you with remarkable client satisfaction but goes a long way in providing you with the best services to find your perfect partner. And you’d definitely feel like your life just started. Schedule your free phone consultation and determine your needs for your budget and get started with your new life.

Male:48%                                                        Female: 52%


They say that everyone in life will get their own time when its right. It’s true. Sometimes you meet the right person at the wrong time. And sometimes you meet the wrong person at the right time. This is not healthy. And if you’re someone who has moved on in life through your years without someone by your side, is the best matchmaking site for you.

It’s got a page visit of over 8 million people every month and with a helpful user interface that shows you how exactly to use it, the site is best for the ‘over 50’ dating crowd. All these singles are there for the exact reason you are. They want someone to spend the rest of their lives with. So if you’re looking for someone who can give you that energy in the latter stages of your life, is most suitable for you. It’s a matchmaking site perfectly tailored for your need.

Male:48%                                                        Female: 52%


Don’t you love it when you get the right choices into your taco? It just feels good doesn’t it? Matchmaking sites can always promise to find you the partner most suitable for you but the 87% success rate of in finding the right partner for you is highly in demand. Selectivesearch uses up to date recruitment techniques in finding you the right partner for your life.

Let your mind be free and let your troubles go away. Let selectivesearch find your ideal match as quickly as possible and as efficiently as possible so you could save yourself a few heartaches and bruises. They have a fee-based client program and also a free affiliate program. Both are good, but I’d go with the client program as it could guarantee you with what you need to find in life.

Male: 53%                                                       Female:47%

So, what next?

If you’ve had an unexpected bump in your journey of married life, the above sites are a great way to get started. Time is valuable so tell me, how long do you plan to keep waiting? It sometimes just might never happen unless you make a decision. And sometimes, it could just be one click away onto opening a new pathway for your life.